Beauty is so much more than just the clothes we wear, or the makeup we put

on. It’s each person’s individual personality, the way we express ourselves, and

what makes us feel unique. There is no one definition of beauty – and thus

there should not be one makeup look that fits all. Each application I am blessed

to do is assessed according to multiple factors, including personality, comfort

level with makeup, and personal image – and I tailor my work accordingly. The

result is a satisfied client that feels as beautiful and unique on the outside as

they do on the inside.












I am a freelance Makeup Artist based in Southern Ontario, and balance my time working in various sectors of the industry including bridal, fashion photography, and film & TV.


My love for makeup and beauty has been with me my whole life, and after graduating from University with a degree in Marketing and working for a film production company for five years, a chance opportunity with the makeup department on a film set helped push me to follow my passion and go back to school at the School of Professional Makeup in Toronto where I became certified as a Professional Makeup Artist. Studying Advanced Makeup Artistry, I learned the world of makeup from the ground up, and in addition to beauty, theatre and film makeup, I also became certified in the art of airbrush foundation.



In the past I have had the pleasure to work with large beauty brands including Revlon Professional, Benefit, Urban Decay, and Lancome, and events such as The Country Music Awards of Ontario and Canada Philippine Fashion Week. Today, in addition to my beautiful brides, I work with both M.A.C. Cosmetics and Cineplex Entertainment as a freelance makeup artist.


I love learning new things, being inspired, and creative people. I take pride in creating beautiful work, and hope I can be fortunate enough to do what I Iove for the rest of my life.


“The best thing about my job is the people and making them feel better about themselves. There’s nothing better than when a woman gets off the chair and skips away.”